In the Wake

I really like this little book. Only 202 pages. Written by Per Petterson, translated from the Norwegian by Anne Born.

Someone gave Arvid (the book star)a glass of Gin. He finds himself pounding on the door of a bookshop he worked in 3 years ago and doesn't how he got there or why his ribs hurt. That's where we start. As we follow him though his thought process we discover that his family were killed in a boat fire. Only a brother is left to him.

The journey of this story is how these two finally come to terms with their loss. It only took 6 years, the loss of both their marriages and pretty much everything else.

This book is beautifully written. It is erratic at first but as Arvid works things through the story becomes centered and thoughtful.


Ty said...

I love it when authors (or artists, translators, or directors) remember to be mindful of form. That was the reason I liked the movie Lost in Translation, the scenes surrounding their insomnia looked like insomnia from my insomniac perspective.

I suppose I should also say that this is my biggest problem with all of the English Bibles I've read; if these were true to form, Mark would be The Message, Matthew and Jude (among others) would be The Jewish New Testament, some psalms would be very good poetry and others would be unintelligable outside the context of poetry.

Rizzle said...

Ty, I think you've got it all wrong. You see, Lost In Translation was actually created to help put insomniacs asleep. It actually worked quite well for many people (including those who were voting for Oscar nominations that year. How can you vote against the movie without admiting that you actually slept through it?). Asside from when I watched AI, I have never been so bored with a movie than with LiT. Normally I accept the fact that we all have different opinoins (I even celebrate that fact), but when it comes to LiT I have found myself so utterly confused with peoples enjoyment of this movie that I begin to weep (or nearly)...Please don't cause me extra pain by telling me that you enjoyed A.I. too!!! Please Ty. Please.