Since June?

Golly I didn't think it had been that long since I was here! Time flies when you get old and forgetful I guess.

Anyway. Todays question is:
The apostle Paul had a thorn....what, in your opinion was it?


should i really care?

I want to care I really do. But on further reflection, I don't think I can.


Yes, I am still alive and screaming, if any one cares.

This quarter has been difficult. No time to blog.

Lisa came to visit for my birthday. It was a surprise and it was wonderful!

I have a nasty cold. I have lots of homework. I am not a happy dodyb right now, can you tell?

I will go away now.


Something good on TV?

IF you get the Discovery Channel, check out Planet Earth. IF you have HD TV it will be even better, we don't. This 11 part series is amazing. It took 5 years and 2000 days of shooting to develop. Have you ever seen a snow leopard on a hunt? NO! You will now. How about elephants cavorting under water? They have alot of fun! I hope that you will get a chance to see this, it is worth the time.



I made it though the dreaded English Grammar class! I should even get an 'A', only because of my writing assignments and quizzes that we did in groups. Our final was a take home of 100 questions that was difficult. I did it and got a 99% only to find it was only 10% of our grade. Now, I ask you, what kind of stupid is that?

I have the next 2 week's off. What should I do? Clean out the fridge? Closets? Craft stuff? Make Lisa's birthday gift that is already a month late? Yeah I will do that one. Will I get anything else done? Yep, I will read.


Finally able to rest.

This horse is amazing. What a spirit. This sounds kind of silly but we could learn a lesson here. Barbarino really had a good attitude during his trials of the last eight months.
I admire that in people and critters. Why not? Some critters have better attitudes than some people I know. Yes, I know the whole animals don't have feelings but you what? I don't buy it. God gave them their own kind of souls, not in His image of coarse, but a soul nonetheless. Just have to look in their eyes.
So Good-Bye Barbarino. Thanks for your example of courage.


Living somewhere in a fog

Yup that is so right. I am living in a fog.
It is a fog called 17 credits. Many would think that shouldn't be difficult, and you would be right. It isn't difficult, or it wouldn't be if is wasn't 17 credits of busywork. I am positive that one class along has caused the deaths of many cottonwoods. This class will also cause me to kill many cottonwoods. Not to mention the ink cartridges I will have to buy. Out of all those credits there are only 3 credits that's difficult and that is Applied Business English. I can write just fine (you would never it). I passed English 101 just fine. But this. This. Is. Grammar. Apparently I forgot more that I knew. What makes me mad is it that I can write with out knowing what an indirect object or an object of the preposition are. I ask you, WHO CARES, other than an English teacher.

I have just enjoyed 4 days off thanks to the snow and ice we have had. Yes I know it was only 3 inches. I will take what I can get. Back to school tomorrow. We were supposed to have a test on Wednesday and one tomorrow. I wonder if they will give us till Monday? hmmm. I guess I better study.

I have read a few good books since me last post. I may get around to telling you about them sometime.